DIY Smart Security Systems Evolution

diy-home-security-appThe world of smart security systems has been evolving rapidly. Let’s take a look at a recent webinar by Parks Associates summarized in SDM magazine on Top 10 Smart Home Trends, to see what is going on now and what has been predicted for the future.

For one thing, it seems as though some of the latest and greatest when it comes to these devices and the companies that put them out may be neglecting a key element that prevents them from being both fully comprehensive and convenient – integration. Plain and simple, when an excited customer receives his or her long-awaited DIY home automation kit, supposedly containing everything they need for a smart security system, they expect two main things: for it to work well, and for it to be easy to assemble/use. Their assumption is that, ultimately, it will make their lives easier. That is, after all, what is advertised, so that is exactly what they should get, right?

According to Research Director at Parks Associates, Brett Sappington, and John Driver, CEO of Lynx Technology, two experts in consumer analytics and market research, not all manufacturers in the industry pay enough attention to making all parts of a DIY home automation or smart security system work together. If they are “systems,” all parts need to be working in concert for a safe, secure, and hassle-free home. We sell state-of-the-art Honeywell products, with the Lynx Touch Control panel that is the hub of the system – integrating all security and home automation features.

People prefer simplicity, and they don’t expect holes in something on which they’re meant to rely. Thus, to make customers most happy, these companies can’t simply impress them with the “cool” factor that DIY home automation brings. Manufacturers offering these services need to start figuring out a way to engineer their devices so that they can seamlessly connect with each other if this industry is to continue to be propelled forward (although this will be a tridiy camera securitycky feat and would require deep collaboration among multiple brands).

Another point these experts made is that more attention should be paid to the large market of millennials because of how wired they are. In this new, digital age, they are a perfect match for DIY home security systems. And, no surprise here, they love video. They simply cannot get enough of it, especially Internet video, such as live streaming, making and sharing their own content, or even just checking up on things from afar. Thus it is not hard to see why DIY security systems are going to want to focus even more now on ways of improving video surveillance and security cameras.

Things are already headed in that direction, seeing as there are now apps, tablets, nanny cams, and anything else you can think of to enable people to easily monitor their possessions and their loved ones when not at home. Again, home automation is for both security and convenience, with a key factor being simplicity. Customers are hungry for more, so the future needs to be now.

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