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Elder Check-in

Monitor mealtimes

No more wondering what (or if) they’re eating. Motion- and sound-sensing Instant Eyes cameras can record mealtimes for later viewing.

Easy to use interactive app

Instant Eyes make it simple to see that everyone’s okay in crystal clear HD. Unobtrusive Instant Eyes Wire-Free goes wherever it’s needed to monitor any space no matter how challenging while Instant Eyes ’s 2-way audio let you have conversations with anyone who’s there. Just fire up the Instant Eyes app and pop in for a virtual visit any time Mom, Dad, or anyone else is on your mind.

Put an end to daily worries

Keep an eye on the daily routine and ensure everyone is ok.

Mind the watchers

Have 100% peace of mind about outside or temporary caregivers. Instant Eyes helps make sure they’re on time and passing all your tests.

Prevent emergencies

Keep on eye out for unsafe situations and potential problems, and nip emergencies in the bud.

Instant Eyes uses plug in and play cellular cameras which are very easy to set up. Even if you don’t have a connection at home, not to worry, because the cellular camera solutions only require a power outlet. The cameras are portable, so you can move them around, which is great if you’re renting or have to move homes.

Easy to set up Wi-Fi cameras








Peace of mind is really this easy

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