Cats. Dogs. And other friends.

Instant Eyes lends a hand.

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pet monitoring

Litter lookout

Keep an eye on pregnant pets so you can be there for the big moment when the little ones arrive.

Check on pet sitters

Make sure those taking care of your pets are earning their keep and being nice to your furred and feathered friends.

Take a bite out of problems

See what happens when you’re away and take whatever steps are needed to keep pets (and neighbors) smiling.

What are they up to while you’re away?

Whether you need to know what mischief they’re making (and how they’re making it!) or just want to make sure everyone’s okay, Instant Eyes HD cameras will tell you. Day or night, indoors or out, track your pack in its natural habitat and keep your home from turning into a zoo when you’re gone.

Pet-Watching Made Simple

Weatherproof & Wire-Free

Get weatherproof Instant Eyes Wire-Free for use anywhere outside or inside, from pens to pastures.

Sound Off Anytime

Use Instant Eyes ’s 2-way audio to issue remote commands and corrections to pets no matter where you are.

Smart Alerts

Instant Eyes motion and sound detection tells you when pets are active or going where they shouldn’t.

Keep your home on leash

When pet walks and outings call, bring Instant Eyes along and stay on top of what’s happening at home.

Easy to set up wire-free cameras

Instant Eyes uses plug in and play cellular cameras which are very easy to set up. Even if you don’t have a connection at home, not to worry, because the cellular camera solutions only require a power outlet. The cameras are portable, so you can move them around, which is great if you’re renting or have to move homes.








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