Summer homes.
Vacation properties.

Look in anytime…

With the Caught On Camera mobile app in your pocket, you’re always just a quick tap away from a reassuring virtual visit.  A security guard on your phone.

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Monitor everything

Place Caught On Camera Wire-Free cameras outdoors and record the wildlife that visits when you’re not around to see it.

A silent watchdog

Set Caught On Camera motion and/or sound alerts to tell you when anything moves and save your worrying for other things.

Protect your entire kingdom

Caught On Camera Wire-Free can safeguard sheds, garages, and other outbuildings without electricity or wiring headaches while Caught On Camera can listen in indoors.

Instant Eyes watches over your investment when you’re not there.

Whether it’s in the next county or another country, you’ll never again leave a second home to fend for itself. Use the CaughtOnCamera app to check in anytime and take the worry out of long-distance ownership. Set motion and/or sound alerts to let you know if anything moves. And use 7 days of free cloud recordings to store a video record of events online.

100% Weatherproof

Rain, snow, heat, cold—nothing stops Caught On Camera Wire-Free cameras from keeping tabs on your piece of paradise.

Night Vision

Criminals know that half of every day is dark. What they don’t know is that Caught On Camera doesn’t care.

Smart Alerts

Set motion and/or sound alerts to ping you if anything moves. Never waste another second worrying.

Easy to set up wire-free cameras

Caught On Camera uses plug in and play cellular cameras which are very easy to set up. Even if you don’t have a connection at home, not to worry, because the cellular camera solutions only require a power outlet. The cameras are portable, so you can move them around, which is great if you’re renting or have to move homes.








Peace of mind is really this easy

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